Monday, June 23, 2008

Birds of paradise

The Rio Grande Valley is considered a birding mecca.  Some beautiful and exotic birds can be sighted only here and in Northern Mexico.  Bird and butterfly enthusiasts bring millions into the area.  It's a daily occurrence for locals to spot colorful parrots and Green Jays.  In the fall and winter, cardinals were a rare treat this far South.  A popular tourist site is the World Birding Center at Quinta Matalzan in McAllen.  The beautiful grounds of a historical hacienda with its outdoor classrooms and walking trails is open for special tours.  The Texas Butterfly Festival is held in October in Mission.  Eco-tourism is a good business that makes local and visitors appreciate the beauty of the area. With so many jobs being lost in agriculture and the few manufacturing plants heading overseas, eco-tourism may be salvation for the area.

                                            Green Jay


jos said...
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jos said...

eco-tourism isn't the only "salvation" for the valley but it is a nice resource to have. Also it is quite beautiful and romantic. I'm sure more tourists would come if they knew how much beauty is located here.