Monday, July 14, 2008

Save on children's clothes

It’s time to start thinking about back-to-school clothes. The end of summer sales will be advertised soon. In temperate climates, summer clothes can be worn with sweaters in the fall and layered when it gets colder.

First, you’ll need to make room for the new stuff. Help the kids go through their drawers and closet. Place items that are too small in a bag to be given away, and those that need mending in a laundry basket for later attention.

If there’s an item that still fits, but they’d like to revamp it, turn it into a "Project Runway" activity. Help your child design the new look. Some changes only need a few snips of the scissors, others may need some work on the sewing machine. It would be a great project for those days when the kids cry "there’s nothing to do!"

This would be a fun way to turn hand-me-downs into something personal for the new owner and won’t cost anything. In the Rio Grande Valley, used clothing can be bought inexpensively by the pound. Teen-agers make it a Saturday excursion and thrifty-minded parents keep an eye out for good quality staples, like jeans and shirts.

E-How has more tips on how to save money on kid's clothes.

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